For the new Kaiserhaus, Annina Arter created a collaged narrative for downtown Bern. In the tradition of the historic panorama wallpapers from the 19th century, an opulently staged transition from day to night paves the way for the viewer to a place of longing. Building blocks of these worlds are botanical illustrations from natural history archives, silhouettes and photos.

One moon that's bright, another that's blue, A fish in the grass, and a small moth, too.

Digital print on PES fleece, 2021

Zeughaus Teufen

Curtain designs for the exhibition "Bauernkunst? Appenzeller Möbelmalerei 1700–1860" Zeughaus Teufen, 2012

Kunsthalle St.Gallen

Wallcoverings for retrospective Silvia Sleigh, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, 2011. Exhibition design concept: Giovanni Carmine, Martin Leuthold. Curator: Giovanni Carmine.

Jakob Schlapefer

Print designs for Jakob Schlaepfer - please contact Jakob Schlaepfer for requests.

Collectif mon Amour

Print design Sara, created as part of a capsule collection for Collectif mon Amour, Zurich

Kinderspital Chur

Window design for the new building at the Cantonal Hospital in Chur Switzerland, commissioned by Staufer and Hasler Architects, 2018. Completion of the building in summer 2019. In collaboration with Astrid Staufer, Martin Leuthold, Patrik Meng.


Print design with side repeat, print design collection Annina Arter – please ask for project based application


Print design Arniko, developed for ARNIKO concept store in Zurich Europaallee


Print design with side repeat, print design collection Annina Arter – please ask for project based application


Panorama wallpaper with side repeat, wallpaper collection Annina Arter – please ask for project based application.


The project “Off the Wall” expands Annina Arters product range with woven murals. The scenes and the narratives depicted set unique accents in the room, convey sensuality and respond to the current need for more comfort and warmth. The murals take up the present longing for strange worlds in which one can lose oneself and discover things. They create a surreal exile, a projection surface through which the viewer can escape reality for a moment. Botanical hand paintings, cyanotypes, paper cuttings and photos are digitally collaged in images. Peculiar, hidden details, naive and absurd combinations are particularly noticeable. - Textile pictures, a little "off the wall"! Thanks to the digital jacquard weaving on a fine polyester warp, an almost photo-realistic implementation of the designs achieved possible. The project was nominated for the Swiss Design Awards in 2021.

Staatstheater Mainz

Video installation for the theatre „die Liebe zu den drei Orangen“ from Sergej Prokofjev at Staatstheater Mainz, 2019.

Kunstplätze Bern

For one summer, the „Drachensegel“ served as a shade roof on the Goumoënswiese, in addition to the water-spouting dragon figure in the nearby playground.

Development & Production

Print design with side repeat, created as part of the group exhibition „Cambiare Aria“ 2019 with Valentina Stieger and Hannah Raschle. Please ask for project based applications.

Kunstraum Satellit